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Appeal: Please attend the funeral of Robert Neale a war veteran Who has no family

An appeal has been launched asking people to attend the funeral of a war veteran who has no family.

Robert Neale, 88, sadly died alone at Pilgrim Hospital in Boston on March 27, just days before his 89th birthday.

Mr Neale was a widower with no children.

His neighbour Samantha was at the hospital waiting outside the resuscitation room for news of his condition before he died and just hours later was told Mr Neale had passed away.

She has now launched an appeal for people to pay their respects to the former soldier from Belchford who served in the British Army.

The appeal was picked up by the Horncastle and District branch of the Royal British Legion.

Julian Millington, chairman of the branch said Mr Neale's life needs to be acknowledged.

He said: "Whenever someone dies, family and friends attend a funeral, a somber event to celebrate the deceased person's life. But, what happens when there is no-one to remember, Should that person just be forgotten, with no-one to acknowledge his life? I don't think so, and I hope you agree.

"That is what is likely to happen to Robert Neale. He has no family to remember him"

"I never met Robert, don't know much about him, but I believe he deserves people to be at his funeral."

Members of the Royal British Legion will be at the funeral to be held at:

Alford Crematorium at 10am on Thursday, April 20th.

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