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  • Christina Drummond

Corporal Stephen Allbutt and Trooper David Clarke, The Queen's Royal Lancers

Remembering the Fallen: Cpl Stephen Allbutt, 35, and Trooper David Clarke, 19 were killed in Iraq. Their Challenger 2 tank was accidentally hit by another Challenger 2 during an engagement with Iraqi enemy forces. There is information on the incident (and outcome) in this article:

Corporal Allbutt joined the army in 1989 and had deployed to Bosnia three times as well as serving in Iraq previously in 1991; his wife said that the army was his life and he had wanted to join up since he was a small boy. His CO said this of him: "He will be remembered as an immensely dedicated and competent NCO who was accordingly respected by his peers. Nothing was too difficult, displaying a “can do” attitude and a reassuringly dry sense of humour. He had a very promising career, having been identified as a strong candidate for promotion to Sergeant next year. He will be sorely missed." Stephen, from Stoke-on-Trent, was 35 years old and married with two children.

Trooper Clarke had joined D Squadron of The Queen’s Royal Lancers in 2002, deployed to Kosovo and then volunteered to augment C Squadron for their deployment to the Gulf. His CO had this to say: "In the short time he served with the Queen’s Royal Lancers, Trooper Clarke proved himself to be a diligent and popular soldier. He was a keen athlete with a zest for life. A man with evident potential, he was quickly noticed for his proactive approach to soldiering. This has been a tragic loss of a young man who had a promising career ahead of him. He will be greatly missed by all members of the Regiment." David, from LIttleworth in Staffordshire, was 19 years old.

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