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Marine 'A' case adjourned until Tuesday, Royal Marines ‘want Sgt Alexander Blackman back’ th

The agonising wait for the wife of “Marine A” Alexander Blackman continues after his case was adjourned until Tuesday next week.

Sgt Blackman was said to have “laughed and looked relaxed” as he sat in on the decision at the High Court by video link.

After a hearing this morning that heard Blackman “would give his right arm to rejoin the Royal Marines” – the judges decided they needed more time to consider documents in their possession.

Sky reporter Jim Old, who was tweeting live from court, has said the issue is over his dismissal from the Royal Marines.

He tweeted that the judges are also deciding whether they will deal with it or whether it will be left to the Royal Navy.

According to reports, judges have been told that the Royal Marines want Sgt Blackman to return “if possible”.

They were also told that his exemplary service would have meant further promotion.

After urging the judges to free Blackman, His defence lawyer told them: "And we plead, as you know, that he should not as part of his punishment be ordered to be dismissed, let alone dismissed with disgrace, for that single word 'disgrace' has been for him a more bitter pill to swallow than anything else."

He said: "The years he has already served in prison equate to a determinate sentence of almost seven full years.

This means Blackman, who has already served three years behind bars, could be freed on Tuesday if judges rule he has served his time.

"He described what happened in 2011 as a "single blot on an otherwise exemplary career covering 15 years of splendid service, six tours of duty lasting six months each in Iraq and Afghanistan, several medals, and violent enemy attacks too numerous to mention upon him.

“What good does it do to keep this person in prison? He has so much more to offer, perhaps even to the Royal Marines community.” he added.

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