February 8, 2019


Harry Rice, George Wilkinson, Josh McGuinness

Many of you would have seen the appalling lies regarding our case recently printed in the Daily Mail, The Sun and no doubt reported on in many other fake news outlets.  We were going to let it lie as it is evident the media have no regard for the truth and continue to ignore facts and people’s feelings when they report their lies. However, on reflection we feel i...

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May 26, 2017

We have over 3000 Islamic extremists on terror watchlists in this country today. They are monitored at a cost of over £9 billion per year and should this ‘wait and see’ policy go wrong we end up with the blood of an 8 year old girl spilt on our streets.

We the public k...

March 15, 2017

Today Sgt Al Blackman and his family will hear his fate decided in the Court Martial Appeal in London. Sgt Blackman, who shot and killed an unarmed enemy combatant has to many become a symbol of everything which is unfair in the way in which this and previous governmen...

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